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Walk Into Your Potential

Looking for more in your recovery?

Unlock unconditional self-love, and reveal your authentic self to the world.

Adun helps rewrite the stories that have held you back, empowers you to embrace your authenticity, and step into your full power.

Working without a holistic recovery specialist can leave you with little to no direction, structure, or accountability, inconsistent momentum, and a nonexistent support system.

Instead, work with holistic recovery specialist, Adun, and you'll create a relationship with core values of accountability, structure, and mindset shifts. Engage in a personalized healing plan to get you to what is working in life, and what is not.


Together we'll cultivate a safe environment with trust, boundaries, and a judgment-free container.

Services & Programs

We offer a unique approach to ongoing recovery. Group coaching, personal coaching, Voxer support, downloadable tools, and more are available with Embrace Every Sunrise.

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Wholistic Recovery

This 12-week program marries holistic healing with transformational coaching, cultivating a mindset shift that enables and supports sustainable recovery/healing.

Development Classes

Throughout your program, you'll experience weekly group training classes, offering a unique application of learning and support to your recovery journey. 

1-on-1 Coaching

Shatter old realities and make way for personal empowerment with 1-on-1 coaching during your program. Feeling safe and supported as you explore that journey allows for radical transformation and breakthroughs.

Now Enrolling Group Coaching Program:
"Building The Foundation Of Self"

A 12-week program with weekly group training, coaching, and additional 1-on-1 Voxer support. The Building the Foundation of Self group coaching program will light a fire in your healing and allow you to show up for your life in a profound way so that you can have a kind inner dialogue, learn to trust yourself, and set the boundaries you need to support this lifestyle.

Upcoming Program:

Q2: April 4th to June 23rd

Success Stories

"Adun has helped me process old wounds and view my challenges in a new perspective. I am forever grateful for Adun’s wisdom and guidance as I rediscover my true, authentic self."

"If you’re someone who’s truly ready to heal, transform and let go of what’s no longer serving you, then I highly recommend setting up a session with Adun. You will be happy you did!"

"Adun's program is not only uplifting but unbelievably empowering to the lost or wandering soul. This program will help identify what needs you have been neglecting, as well as power you through to work on yourself as needed."

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