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Building a House

Building The Foundation of Self

Go from victimhood to inner warrior so that you can feel fuck yes about your life.

A 12-Week Healing Journey

It seems like everyone else can speak up their voice and go after what they want. Why can’t you?

When you’ve had a lot of adverse experiences in your life, it may feel like you are doomed to fail.

Sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed or tell someone what you want for dinner, let alone make big decisions about your career and life.

Sound familiar?

It’s not your fault, you probably didn’t learn how to build yourself intentionally, like honoring your emotions, feeling safe, etc, like you learned algebra.

You are just over here feeling unsure, unsafe, full of anxiety about your life.

This work will bring you to clear direction on how to honor emotions, be more kind and compassionate, and be ready to start the healing process. 

You want to be able to feel safe, secure, and able to navigate life. 

You’re ready to break out of the harsh inner narrative and have a more empathetic monologue.

You know there is a funny, happy person in there that goes after their dreams but you don’t know how…

You’re ready to build The Foundation of Self.

Group Coach

Facilitated by Adun Shrecengost,
Founder at Embrace Every Sunrise.

Hi! My name is Adun, and I help others rewrite the stories that hold them back, embrace their authenticity, and step into their full power! I am a Holistic Recovery Specialist, Animist Minister, Spirit Bridge Practitioner, Life Coach, and Intuitive Healer that is an LGBTQA+ community member, sober badass, and here to help heal the world!


My healing journey started many years ago after years of trauma, addiction, and abusive relationships that led to my moral bankruptcy and at my all-time rock bottom!  I am an advocate for the voiceless, and am the catalyst of change! In my spare time, I love hiking, camping, helping other addicts heal, and being of service wherever I can! I have helped souls go from searching to found! I look forward to talking with you!

Building the Foundation Of Self Group Program

A three-month program to help you rebuild your mind, body, and soul through a step-by-step process into what healing and doing the inner work looks like.


Is it not for you?

  • You are looking for a quick fix for healing.

  • You are unwilling to put in work now to save time later.

  • You still want to blame, shame others for your results in life.

                        Is it right for you?

  • You are tired of wanting to change but have ZERO ideas where to start. 

  • You are tired of falling off the wagon, white-knuckling, and banking on just willpower you have run out of. 

  • You are ready to stop having your past continue to dictate your present.

  • You are willing to put in work now, to build the future you want.

What’s included?


  • Weekly training on each topic

  • Weekly live virtual group coaching calls 

  • Private Facebook group

  • 1:1 Voxer support

Group Coaching Calls & Training $2,400 value


1:1 Support w/ Adun

Coach in your pocket through voxxer.

Bonus Workshops

  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique.

  • Communication Workshop

  • Free Building the Foundation  journal 


Twenty spots only!


Building the Foundation of Self Tuition

$1000 pay in full 

$1250 for a three-month payment plan, 

$1500 for a six-month payment plan.

Meet you where you are at sliding scale also available to qualified folx.


Limited Scholarships available, mandatory form, and call to receive.


Brianna Kraemer

Before the group coaching program with Adun, I felt hopeless, lost, and miserable. I struggled with taking care of myself, creating/holding boundaries, and showing patience and understanding to others. After the group, I feel empowered and I was able to fill my toolbox with so many ways to help myself in life and others.

Violet Ray

Adun is one of a kind! A warrior with the heart of an empress. They are in pursuit of the truth, and they possess a hell-bent commitment to help others down the path of authenticity.


Their teachings come from the place of lived experience and there is no stone left unturned. If you want what they’ve got, saddle up and get ready for the ride. There won’t be a dull moment and the rewards are great.


If you’re ready to grow into the pure being you’re meant to be and have no room in your life for half measures, look no further than Adun.

Leah Webster

Adun I just wanted to take a huge moment and show my gratitude towards you and the program you have created. It has not only made radical changes within myself, but also every single person around me. I have seen changes within my children that I could have only dreamt of before this program. I have also had many people contact me, and ask me what I am doing because I glow. You have created a program that gives to not only the person within it but also everyone they come in contact with. Huge thanks for giving me the tools to create such a life.


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  • Is it worth the price?
    Every member of the group felt as though the group provided more value than the cost. You are getting high-quality content, for an accessible amount.
  • What happens if I can’t make it live?
    Each training is pre-recorded to do it when it works best for you, each group coaching call is also recorded so you will always have the replays.
  • Am I going to be completely “healed”?
    Healing is a lifetime commitment, this group will provide you direction, guidance, and knowledge, you have to continue the work in your everyday life.
  • What if I want to stop the program in the middle of it?
    The contract that you sign at the start of the group locks you into the group as well as the payments of the group. If you decide to leave, it is still your responsibility to pay for the agreed amount. Emergency situations are not included.
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