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An Inside Perspective: How holistic recovery changes lives!

Hello, my friends!

As I create the space and stillness to write, I want to start by saying how grateful I am to be of service to each of you. May these changing times bring you the joy, health, and healing that is needed.

Holistic | hō-ˈli-stik | adjective: characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than merely symptoms.

It is my belief that addiction is a symptom of underlying pain, trauma, neglect, abuse, etc. In that, I believe the way addiction has historically been treated is more a means of applying a bandage to deeper wounds. Western modalities rely heavily on talk therapy and prescription medication, all of which have their time and purpose; however, true healing requires deeper healing modalities.

My approach to healing is that of incorporating the mind, body, and soul to work as one functioning unit. Taking radical steps that allow our bodies to feel safe, our minds to create new pathways and connections with the inherent gifts we each possess. Nourishing these connections within ourselves allows us to build the foundations of our lives.

Let’s talk about the body. The body is a natural, protecting being; one that can always be a source of safety and familiarity. After years of addiction and largely self-abandonment, the body is the first place to start healing. Regulating the nervous system is an imperative step in becoming a sober person. If your body does not feel safe, you’re genuinely unable to take on any other form of treatment. Regulating your nervous system allows you to take a huge step toward reclaiming your life.

Now, a quick look into the mind. The mind is the most powerful piece of Within and usually, it’s the one calling the shots. When your mind is out of balance, it can cause an array of ailments. As a Holistic Teacher, I believe those ailments are also symptoms of life begging to be reclaimed. When you can truly believe that you’re here on this earth, in this time, to help transmute and uplift your life instead of wallowing in the heavy burdens of your actions, you can really begin to shift your perspective.

The soul, a magical place to call home. The soul/spirit is where most people in traditional societies get lost and overwhelmed by confusing religious terminologies and associated expectations. How can one believe in something that cannot be seen, touched, or proven, right? Well, kids, the truth of the matter is that the soul not only exists but it holds all of the answers you seek. If your questions and curiosities are the locks, your soul, dear friend, is the key. The connection to the soul allows for inner knowing, intuitive guidance, connection with yourself and others, and overall unity. The soul is everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will become.

When connections are made between your mind and your body, your body to your soul, and your soul to your mind, you begin to catch yourself becoming a stronger version of yourself. A person you may not recognize. Someone that feels authentic, liberated, and empowered to create a life worth living.

How will you start building those connections within?

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