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The Power of Pause

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Cultivating smoother transitions through life

How many times have you gone through your day rushing from one task right to the other? How many times have you gotten home, carrying on the energy from your work to your partner or children?

Our society is fueled by caffeine, and a strong desire to keep going to get that hustle. Rushing from one objective to the other, being influenced here, there, and everywhere; that when we reach the next task we are most likely carrying on energies from previous interactions without even being aware of it. Where is the boundary line of allowing ourselves pause/laziness? Over-productivity/creative flow? How can we listen to our bodies and create the space we need to honor each step of our journey.

As a person who lives by intention-based actions, I have to create the space for myself to allow myself to have intentional breaths in between interactions. It is a disservice to myself, and the others I am interacting with if I come to a situation not being my best. Being around people on a day to day, and remain grounded, present, and open-hearted is discipline and muscle building. If I set the intention of that, what does it look like when someone ruffles my feathers, gets under my skin, or provokes me in any way? How do I show up for myself, without being abrasive, dismissive, or out of control?

At the beginning of the day, I make the conscious choice to wake up early, fill up my bucket by connecting to my body, connecting to my mind, and connecting to my soul. I allow my breath, meditation, journaling, affirmations, and intention to create the movement of the day. This allows me to be a selflessly selfish person because I am giving myself the energy and attention I need at the start of my day, and carry it forward in my interactions. By doing this I can navigate through challenging tasks, by staying grounded and present.

Breath allows us to steer/navigate our life with intention.” -Marla Tolfe _____________

If I can take three intentional breaths to connect to my body, my intention, and my truth, I can more smoothly move from Soul, rather than Ego. Every single moment is a decision. A decision moving me closer to where I am going (“the path of least resistance,” you’ve likely heard it called), or one that’ll lead to lessons of growth, to be learned through the opportunity.

Being proactive in your life means acknowledging the things you can control:

  1. Your thoughts.

  2. Your feelings.

  3. Your actions.

  4. Your life.

Scientific studies (lots of them!) now actually prove that we are co-creators in our lives. If the interaction is out of your control, what you do next is vital to maintain your personal power. If you cannot control it, choose to respond in a more aligned manner (Reminder: every moment is a decision). When we allow ourselves to fill our buckets and allow others to receive energy from our overflow we can increase our resilience and further move beyond victimhood.

Steps to start creating this space in your everyday:

  1. Start your day with intention, breath, mediation, exercise. Something that allows you to give yourself energy first.

  2. Start small, you can start with just one intentional breath in the morning, and grow from there.

  3. If you feel your levels of unsettled energy rising (anxiety, worry, frustration, etc), connect to your breath. Slowly settle. Don’t rush this

  4. Take three intentional breaths in between interactions.

  5. Create the habit with your partner/children of intentionally pausing before arriving home to them.

  6. Hold yourself with grace and compassion while assimilating these habits into your life. Remember, evolution cannot happen all at once. Literally impossible.

When you decide to take responsibility for your life, it’s imperative to cultivate space in order to responsibly respond instead of habitually react. The moments of pause allows you to show up from a space of love, understanding, and empathy. Imagine a life where you increasingly live more from a grounded response to the moments in your days. Let that vision empower you.

And ask yourself - How am I honoring the power of the pause?

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