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Transitioning Through Emotions

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Tools and practices for reclaiming your power through the process

It can be hard to know how to move through emotions when they come flooding in. You may have experienced a scenario where we were crying your eyes out, looking into the mirror in desperation, trying to find the strength to pull out of it. The truth is that each of us are capable of overcoming ourselves. It takes time; and most importantly, consistency.

When I claimed my home in victimhood I was unable to grasp why everything "happens for a reason". I was too busy playing poor me instead of asking what the pain and discomfort was trying to teach me.

In hindsight, I truly knew that everything I’d been through had either led me to something greater or taught me something of great value. Yet in those moments of drama and dis-ease, I caused myself so much undue pain and stress because I would just stay stuck in those feelings; festering away in my mind. Sadness, anger, shame, guilt and anxiety ruled my life. Little did I know then that I simply didn’t have the proper tools in my toolbox to soothe them quite yet. Luckily, through several visits to Rock Bottom, I've accumulated quite the shed of instruments for healing and soul recovery, which I'm here to share with you:

Feeling is just fine

First off, it is completely okay and normal for you to feel emotions. Practice prioritizing lack of judgment toward yourself as you feel what you need to feel; slowing down to ask your Higher Self if there for a specific reason for the triggered emotion. Pain can be allowed as a gift; you just have to choose to receive it as such.

Even if you feel like you will never get through your current emotional roadblock, don’t get stuck in allowing yourself to swallow that as truth. Slow down, look back at all of the times you thought the same thing, and recall that you did in fact come out on the other side. Listen to your body. Honor what it is telling you. Your mind is not the driver here. Allow the feeling to be felt, also letting it be worked through when the time has come for that step. Trust in your inner knowing and your body's communication; they will tell you what you need.

To work through it or to let it control me

To be quite frank, working through emotions can be downright painful. Remember pain is temporary. "This too shall pass" is a cliche but also a potent truth! And every time you work through a painful moment, you are choosing to heal moments and mindsets that used to define you; creating more space for higher frequency emotions (see related chart).

My personal tool in each of those situations is to write it out. Journaling is so therapeutic for me because my mind tends to go all over the place. Writing on paper allows me to see where I have work to do.

Ask yourself what emotions you’re feeling and get precise. What led you to these emotions? What is this event trying to teach you? Write anything and everything that needs to come out. It doesn't have to make sense, just get it out.

"Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way." Mavis Mazhura

Move. Literally, move your body.

Emotions get stuck inside of you; inside of your physical body. Move any which way you want. Go jogging! Hate jogging? Go hiking! Hate hiking? Dance! Bad dancer? That’s okay - jump, kick, flail your arms! Just move that shit out! Every time I know It’s time to move through it I put on a little Sofi Tukker and have my own personal dance party in my house. It isn't pretty...but it is effective.

Meditation to move it through

We all have this concept that our inner self is scary, but it's important to know that is your ego talking. A moment of silence and solitude allows you to really dig deep and start to uncover underlying issues that require some extra attention. If meditation isn’t your strong point try some intentional breathing.

Mirror, mirror

Mirror work may be the hardest but most effective way to move through low vibration emotions. I highly recommend reading one of Louise Hay's many books on mirror work; involving you, a mirror, and repeating affirmations, which play a huge part in rewiring your brain out of a habitually negative mindset. Release all judgement and be raw and vulnerable with yourself. It will feel awkward at first but it’s so powerful, I promise.

Nourish yourself

Nutrition is one thing that often goes in the dump when a funk creeps up. Comfort food is, well...comforting, and it does serve a purpose; just not your highest good. Clean eating is one way to boost your mood. Eating the rainbow just makes me feel like a rainbow! Mindfully allow yourself that comfort food experience when beneficial (a potato is almost like a hug, right?), and then get back on track with those high-vibing foods!

Soak up some D

Get some sun! Vitamin D is known to help the body in so many ways, and it’s free via that magical star, the Sun!

In conclusion

Self-care is honestly crucial all the time, but especially when we are feeling a bit under the weather. Dress in a way that helps you feel confident and comfortable, take a loving intentional bath, treat yourself to a movie; do whatever helps you to genuinely feel happy.

Pro tip: create a sunshine box for yourself to keep in a cabinet to pull out when you need a little extra love! Remember that you need to take loving yourself into your own hands. Your health and well-being must come first.

Overall, your thoughts recreate your life. You have to be strong enough to say stop to any thought that does not serve you. Literally, say "STOP" and affirm the opposite thought to yourself; in the direction you'd prefer to move your thoughts. You can only overcome feelings if you overcome your thoughts. Imagine your thoughts are writing a book about yourself, what type of book are you writing?

The power of transformation lies in your hands. You hold the key to a brand new self, where you learn to flow through the ebbs. Honoring and embracing emotions is putting on your armor and allowing your inner warrior to shine through.

You no longer need to be chained to your emotions, you just have to be willing to do a little hard along the way; building resilience. The difference between a victim and a warrior is consistency. Both feel the emotions but only one shows up for themselves enough to pull through to the other side of it.

Put on your armor and assume your inner warrior! After all, no one but yourself can save you from yourself.

And as always:

You are enough.

You are worthy.

You are strong.

You are capable.


Emotion-processing Journal Prompts:

  1. What emotions am I stuck in?

  2. Why am I stuck in this feeling?

  3. What has helped me feel better in the past?

  4. Have I already done any of those things this time?

  5. What is my part in this situation?

  6. How can I regain control of this feeling?

  7. Am I being honest with myself and others about this?

  8. Am I showing up for myself as much as I expect others to?

  9. How can I show up for myself more right now?

  10. What self-limiting belief has me stuck in the feeling? How can I release it/them?

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