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Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

The journey of listening, loving, and walking into your truth

In a society that prides itself on conformity with the typical “American Dream" what does it look like when you don’t fit into the boxes that your conditioning and surroundings try to place you in?

"Pick a career as a child, go to college, get a degree, buy a house, marry someone of the opposite sex, look this way, don't do this, and be like this...and then you will be happy." But what if that's not your equation for happiness?

Finding your own way may leave you feeling alone, misunderstood, and unsupported in being your true self. But who you are meant to be in this lifetime is known - your soul knows it and your body knows it; most just usually aren’t taught what it means to listen to it.

"Letting go of my story means accepting the parts of me that were shaped by my life's experiences and conditioning. Letting go of my story means being fully present, without burying myself in memories or despair; its a learning to unlearn and see myself as whole and healed, not broken." -Deborah Joussaint

As a human, you have an innate want to feel loved, engage with your tribe, and be heard. This unfolds in us as children and often means striving to make our families happy; which, in turn, often also means learning to minimize ourselves and quiet our truth while trying to recreate someone else's dream. Trying to "get it right" while disconnecting from your intuition, the true Self, as you try to be something that you're not.

Along this well-worn path, many fall into mental illnesses, addictions, and lives in which they feel lost and unheard. All because they, too, were told exactly how life should be, and if it's not that then it's wrong. How often are you asked and encouraged to be exactly who you want to be, regardless of details?

Professional people-pleaser (of the past)

I lived to make others happy. I wanted only to live out the dreams of others with the assumptions that they were mine as well...but with that mentality, I found myself never “fitting in” anywhere that took me. I was a lover of all things that made me different, only I didn't want to be different.

I wanted to be loved. I wanted to have friends that aligned with me, and I wanted to make others proud of who I was. However, it didn't occur to me that I was able to check off those boxes and walk in my truth; that I could have all of that and be myself.

I tried and tried and tried some more to fit into all of the boxes that everyone so perfectly formed for me only to fail and fail and fail again at being truly happy. I never once asked myself what I wanted, who was I, or what made me genuinely happy. And in denying myself those kinds of questions, I gave everyone my power; not even realizing that I had it to start.

Turns out your soul will continue trying to knock down walls built by conditioning; increasing its volume until its screaming for you to hear it..."YOU ARE NOT TO FIT IN!" Each one of us came to this life to bring a significant role to the table and guess what? It's not possible for anyone else to do what you are put on this planet to do. You are here to discover how to feel safe enough to live life based on your true self, and as you reach that point, life organically begins getting better.

Authenticity, without apology

Full disclosure: as you start living your truth, the chances of others around you deciding to shift away will rise dramatically. Because no one likes to look at someone unapologetically being themselves, which will effortlessly shine light onto the work they're not yet doing.

Without judgment, know that the projections they may try to send at you aren’t your reality. And the more you embrace your inner truth, the more your strength will empower others to start their journey. You subconsciously help to allow their truth to speak to them more loudly, too.

Embracing your inner warrior and choosing to live the life you chose to be here for takes courage, strength, and resilience. Put on that armor and get out there! You will lose people, you will be misunderstood in a new way, and you will experience moments of solitude. But each of those opportunities will only lead you to higher alignments; components of your life that are for your greatest growth and well-being.

Impermanence is a constant; find comfort in the cycle of ebb and flow. You are here to break the habit of conforming, breaking all of the molds. Embrace and reclaim your true self. Start exactly where you are, and don’t allow yourself to fall into self-judgment toward past versions of you; you've always done the best you could with what you knew.

You are worthy to live in your truth.

You are enough.

You are capable.

You are courageous.

You are loved.

And you are always being guided, exactly where you need to be.

Self-reflection journal prompts:

  1. What is my truth?

  2. How can I allow myself to set boundaries with others, while still embracing my truth?

  3. What type of environment do I want to manifest while embracing my truth?

  4. What is holding me back from living my truth?

  5. What small first steps can I make to Start walking in my truth?

  6. How can I reclaim my power from others and walk into my truth?

  7. If money wasn’t an issue what would my dream life look like?

  8. What makes me happy?

  9. Visualize your ideal life. How does it look, feel?

  10. How can I release the expectations of others?

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